Happy Little Christmas

Happy Little Christmas : (First Saturday Every Month)

Saturday, Feb 2, 2019, 6:00 PM

6 Members Attending

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An opportunity for loving kind men in London to celebrate. We will have a very simple loving kindness gentle mindful meditation, dance, some supper and a glass of wine. The only thing you have to do is breathe, everything else is optional. We do hope you come along, you will meet the most amazing men. In the day before our event we ask you to do a random act of loving kindness, as we will be using that energy during our mediation. Please bring a small item you no longer require), this will be placed on our altar before we begin. This can be a book, a cd, a lucky penny, absolutely anything. We invite you to take another item home with you at the end of the evening. Expect to meet the most amazing men. We do hope you come along. Excact address emailed to the gentle men attending.

Forthcoming Events

Little Christmas (Things From the Soul) : Sunday 6th January,  2019. 

Then the 1st. Saturday of Every month : More details to follow…

If your not in London, please help with the revolution and set up a similar group for men in your area. Finally, could you do me a huge favour and tell someone about my meetup group. Older gay men, particularity welcome. Please join, even just to show your support.

Loving Kind Men

London, GB
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I want this group to provide some possibilities for gentle men in London to be more loving and kind. We will meet on the first Saturday in Every Month, for a Little Christmas,…

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