Loving Kind Warrior Sasa Pesic

This is a a group of young loving and kind men, including Sasa Pesic and Zoran Pavlovic who weres heading home in Serbia, when they heard about a stranded dog under a bridge overpass. Sasa Pesic, who works at dog shelter in Nis, Serbia, came to the dog’s aide – quickly climbing down from the overpass onto the river island. After gaining the dog’s trust, he lifted it up and carried him back toward the highway bridge. Pesic passed the dog up to a man who was waiting atop a stone column, who then passed it further along to several men standing on the bridge. Pesic was then helped back up onto the brick column – and onto the overpass – following his loving kindness.

Loving Kind Men

London, GB
38 Members

I want this group to provide possibility for men in London to be more gentle, loving and kind. We will meet at least once a month, for a gentle meditation, a loving dance, som…

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One thought on “Loving Kind Warrior Sasa Pesic

  1. The first time I saw this video. I cried, I was so proud of Sasa Pesic. Men like Sasa Pesic inspire me to be a warrior, loving and kind. I hope he becomes the president of Serbia.

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